The ides of March...

Harken AdminOfficerLeader posted Feb 23, 19

As Febuary comes to a close and March draws in, we begin our Event Barrage! 

Starting Fridays at 2pm Eastern we have PvP events on ESO, at 5pm Eastern we begin the World of Tanks/Warships events.

Saturdays Starting at 2pm Eastern PvE events on ESO, 5pm Eastern PvE/PvP events on SWTOR/STO (Dealers Choice)

Sandbox Sundays (Anything from Minecraft to ArK) begins at 1pm Eastern.

Motorhead Mondays Start at 3pm Eastern (Forza, GTA 5, Euro Truck, Etc) see Gung.

And on Thursdays Elite dangerous events Start at 3pm Eastern.